Safety is of the utmost importance at PreSchool Family. For the safety of all children it is essential to adhere to the following:

Nametags are required for all adults/parents and children at all times. All visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge.

Parents must remain with and supervise their children if they come early and/or stay after school.

Dogs (except working dogs for the disabled) are not allowed on the Greendell campus during school hours.

Cell phones and classroom phones are to be used for emergencies only. (During evening classes, students cannot be contacted through the school telephone system.)

Younger siblings can come to class only if they are carried in a front- or backpack for the entire class.

Wagons and carts in the small yard are not for children to sit in; they are for sand play and pulling only.

Children must wear shoes outside.

Families are welcome to play at the Greendell site before and after school. However, please be considerate of teachers and custodians. They need time before and/or after school to prepare for class or to accomplish other tasks. Therefore, please do not allow children to enter classrooms before or after school, except by invitation from the teacher. The bathroom between rooms 4 and 5 is open until the custodian leaves (usually around 2:30 PM). Any school toys children play with must be put away before that time.

Parking at Greendell can be very difficult at times. Please try to carpool and remember that there is no parking in the red zones around campus. These zones need to be kept free for school buses and emergency vehicles. The police do ticket illegally parked vehicles. There is abundant parking in the back of the Cubberley Center. Please be very careful while walking through the parking area. Model safe behavior for the children.