Children watercolor art hanging to dry

*Due to Covid-19 health considerations and regulations, classes for the fall of the 2020 school year will not meet in person. Our fall online programs with activity kits, live and asynchronous video instruction, and parenting education classes are currently underway. As the year progresses we will update this website to include information about spring 2021 and autumn 2021 plans and programs.

Staff at PreSchool Family work together to provide an age-specific parenting curriculum for you and a developmentally-appropriate, play-based program for your child. Programs are available for families with children from birth to age 4. Our classes have three important elements:

  • Parent participation
  • Parent education
  • Play-based learning

Parent participation

Parents join their child for one class each week during the September to May school year regardless of the age of the child. Think of this class as a science lab where you observe and learn about the children as they play and interact. You may be a assigned a specific role in this class especially in the 2, 3 and 4 year old classrooms. Most of these classes are held before noon, however, 4:30 - 6:30 dinner classes are designed for those who are busy in the morning. As you participate in the classroom you can put into practice what is learned in parent education classes. 

Once per year parents also participate in the autumn carnival and fundraiser. This year Fun Day will be held on Saturday, October 26th from 9:30 - 2 p.m.

Parent education

Addition parent education classes are part of all but two of our classes. A variety of topics related specifically to the age of your child are designed to support you as you parent and participate in the classroom at school. Topics from swaddling, feeding, and sleep, to temperament, limit-setting, and positive conflict resolution help both parents and children as they grow. Parent education classes typically meet two times per month, only once per month for 9-24 dinner class and are fully integrated during the parent-and-child classes for both the newborn and the 2-4 dinner class. Please see the enrollment page and class schedule on the application link for more details about the parent education component of your specific class. 

Play-based learning

The children's program is planned to meet the interests and abilities of each age level as they learn through play. The varied indoor and outdoor activities encourage interest in art, music, motor development, cognitive skills, science and social relationships.The staff at PreSchool Family believes that a play-based curriculum is the most appropriate and effective preparation for young children. Spontaneous, voluntary, self-directed play provides children with greater cognitive, physical, and social understanding of the world around them. Although it may appear to us that children are “just playing”, for children, play is the hardest work they do as they grow and develop. Teachers at PreSchool Family create an environment that supports and enhances children's play and instruct parents in ways to actively engage with children in the class while honoring each child's individual skills and abilities.

With the support of the teachers and the parent community, children age two and older begin to attend school independently. For the two year olds class, parents and children attend two classes per week. Gradually the child will attend one of those days independently when the teacher determines they are ready. Three year olds attend three days per week (two without their parent) and four year olds attend four classes per week (three classes without their parent). In all classes children learn through play and establish confidence and connections with their classroom community. Dinner classes meet just once per week, so children always attend along with their parents in this class. 

For a complete schedule of classes and tuition please see the application on the enrollment page. The online application is also updated to provide detail about current class availability.