Outdoor play is vital for healthy development in children and adults. Expansive outdoor play allows children to be creative, take risks, and have fun. While they experiment with physics and chemistry, they are also learning about their growing bodies and developing strength and both large and small motor skills. As adults, we must balance these important developmental tasks against the risks for accidents that exist for all children. For this reason, we have developed a set of rules for all children on the playground at PreSchool Family.

  •  2’s and 3’s stay in the 3’s yard. 4’s stay in the 4’s yard.
  •  Wear shoes outside. Dress up shoes stay inside.
  •  Fill water buckets from the PreSchool Family sand faucets. Bathroom sinks are for washing hands only. Drinking fountains are for drinking only.
  •  When you’re riding a car or tricycle, stop or go around. When you’re a passenger, hang on tight.
  •  When you’re pulling a wagon, walk. When you’re a passenger, sit down and hold on tight.
  •  Climb on the fire truck, green structure, or monkey bars.
  •  Slide down feet first on the slides.
  •  Sand stays in the sandbox. Rice, beans, and cornmeal stay in the bins.
  •  Sticks are for building, drawing, decorating, and collecting.
  •  Adults only in the sheds.

We have tried to keep our list of rules to a minimum and of course our creative children will develop new ways of playing that are not safe. If you are in doubt about an activity or game, ask yourself:

  •  Is the child learning?
  •  Is the activity safe?
  •  Is the activity friendly?

If the answers to these questions are negative, then you will need to intervene by redirecting or by stopping the activity. Children will not always be happy with our decisions. Their safety is our primary responsibility.

For more information about our playground rules, download the complete set of rules and explanations.