Preschool student gardening

PreSchool Family is a unique parent education, parent participation program for adults blended with play-based classes for their children from birth to 4 years old. September through May classes provide parents an opportunity to learn alongside their children. Adults in the program learn about child development, discuss parenting issues, and participate in a nurturing community dedicated to learning and growing as a family. 

Children at PreSchool Family learn through play. Teachers design a variety of age-appropriate activities that encourage interest in art, music, science, motor development, cognitive skills, problem solving, and social relationships. Our program is designed to honor each child’s individual skills and abilities as they grow.

For over 70 years PreSchool Family has served families on the peninsula. Combining these years of experience with the most current child development research, credentialed teachers help families navigate the world of parenting as their children play and learn too.

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