The Preschool Family library is a resource for parents interested in learning more about a particular subject. The library houses a unique collection of books, DVDs and CDs covering a broad range of topics such as activities to do with your baby/toddler, child development, nursing, discipline, toilet learning, couples/marriage, and sleep, among others.

The library is located in the Multi-Purpose room and is open 8:00 am to 12:00 pm during the school year, but closes for the summer.

Online Library Bibliography

Visit the online database for the PreSchool Family library at LibraryThing.

Library Procedures

The PreSchool Family library uses an honor system. Please use check out slips and return items on time.


  1. Complete a check out slip. Include all information and write clearly. (See the book or DVD spine for the copy number.)
  2. Place completed slips in Completed Checkout Slips box.
  3. Return items on time.
    • Books are due in 3 weeks.
    • DVDs and CDs are due in 1 week.

    If you are unable to return items on time, email the librarian.


Place all returned items inside the wooden box labeled Book Drop.

Download the library procedure