Any time a student cannot attend a class, either during the day or for the adult discussion, s/he must notify the teacher and arrange to make up the time missed.

Regular and good attendance is critical to the program. To create the best possible experience for children and parents alike, it is essential that classes operate in a cohesive manner. In order for a group to work well together, all members need to honor their commitment to be present. Regular attendance at both the day and adult discussion sessions is key to the optimal functioning of the class.

PreSchool Family provides several opportunities for make-ups in case of student illness or other extenuating circumstances:

  • Both parents attending a day class or adult discussion class together.
  • Attending another PreSchool Family discussion class with teacher permission.
  • Attending special school-wide make-up classes.
  • Attending community lectures relevant to parenting if an accredited PreSchool Family teacher is present.
  • Attending special committee meetings for the library, school fundraiser, or other school matters.