Dawn Yoshinaga

Dawn joins PAUSD from the Saratoga Union School District in Saratoga, CA, where she has served as the district's School Psychologist since 1999. During that time, she spent over ten years working with preschoolers and their families. She completed her BS in Psychology at the University of California in Santa Cruz, her Masters of Science in Clinical Child/School Psychology at California State University East Bay, and her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership at Santa Clara University.


We have a highly qualified staff of eleven teachers committed to our program. Our teachers are all professionals and hold Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credentials from the State of California in Parent Education. Also our teachers all have either a B.A. or M.A. degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field and meet or exceed state requirements for fully qualified pre-school teachers. Our teachers adhere to the standards of appropriate practices as outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Together the staff represents 150+ years of teaching experience.

Maria Abilock Becca King Karen Stein
Karla Berry Sara Kopit-Olson Marjan Wilkes
Terri Goddard Jason Laskowski Laura Zweig
Cindy Howard Lori Sevcik  

Maria Abilock

Maria Abilock teaches an 18-30 month class and the newborn classes. PreSchool Family has been an important part of her family since 2004.

“I love working with children and parents at PreSchool Family, but I also love spending time with my husband and our two boys, growing my own fruits and vegetables in the garden, and collecting eggs from our chickens.”

Karla Berry

Karla Berry teaches a Threes class. She has been a parent in the program since 2005 and taught kindergarten and 1st grade for ten years.

“I can’t imagine my life without chocolate and PreSchool Family.”

Terri Goddard

Terri Goddard teaches a Fours class and has been at PSF since 2005. She was a parent in our Young Fives program.

“What keeps me smiling is spending time with my family & friends, travel, taking on new exercise challenges and working at PreSchool Family!”

Cindy Howard

Cindy Howard teaches the hybrid Dinner Class for parents of toddlers and a Threes class. She has been teaching at PSF since 1999 and was also a parent in the program with her three children.

“Unstructured play is important for adults and children.”

Becca King

Becca King teaches a Twos class. She has been a parent in the program for six years.

“I enjoy working with children, camping and traveling with my family, taking yoga classes, and eating Rick's ice cream.”

Sara Kopit-Olson

Sara is in her second year as a teacher at PSF, leading the newborn class. She has been a parent in the program with her three children since 2007.

“I love to practice yoga, be around friends and family, read, bake, and play with my kids as much as possible.”

Jason Laskowski

Jason has been a parent at Preschool Family since 2010. This year he is approaching PreSchool Family from a different perspective, teaching the 12-18 month old class.

“Spontaneous free time with my family recharges my batteries.”

Lori Sevcik

Lori Sevcik teaches a Twos class. She was also a parent in the program with her two children.

“I try to find humor and fun in everything I do which includes spending time with my family and going on long runs.”

Karen Stein

Karen Stein teaches the 6-12 month class. She began teaching at PSF for two years in 1980 and 1981. She returned to PSF in 1988 and has been teaching here since then. She was also a parent in the program with her 2 children.

“I like reading a book and the newspaper in bed at night.”

Marjan Wilkes

Marjan Wilkes teaches a Fours class and has been teaching at PSF since 1995. She was also a parent in the program with her 2 children.

“I love to be messy.”

Laura Zweig

Laura Zweig teaches a Threes class and has been teaching at PSF for more than 15 years. She also teaches Creative Movement for the Fours classes.

“I teach dance and movement to children of all ages and students in my pre-school classes enjoy lots of cooking projects.”


Fiona Gersh

Fiona grew up in Ireland and loves living in sunny California.

“I enjoy skiing with my family at Squaw Valley.”

Patricia Germanow

Patricia moved from the east coast, Boston most recently, and loves California.

“I love outdoor adventures! A trip to the beach, a hike, a swim or a bike ride with my family makes a great day.”