Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a “Parent Education/Parent Participation Preschool Program?”

The PreSchool Family program is designed to offer parents an opportunity to learn about parenting issues and to actively participate in their child's education. For the children, the program offers a developmentally appropriate, play-based, educational experience. Since PreSchool Family is a parent education program, the parents are enrolled as students (rather than the children), attend adult educational classes, and participate in their child's classroom experience once a week. For more information see Parent Education.

What are the hourly night meeting and day class requirements for adults?

One parent per child is required to participate once a week in their child's class for the duration of the morning preschool class. In addition, one parent per child attends a 2-2½ hour parent education class 2 times per month (3 times per month in the fall).

Describe PSF's play-based curriculum

PreSchool Family offers a developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum which focuses on fostering the emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of the child. The indoor and outdoor classroom is structured so that the children are able to move through various learning centers as they play/interact with all aspects of the environment. For more information see Play-Based Curriculum.

What are the class schedules for the children and why don't they meet daily?

The class schedule varies depending on the age of the child. The younger the child, the less time they spend in the group setting. As the child develops it becomes more appropriate for him/her to spend more time in group settings such as the classroom. At PSF children under 2 years of age are in a class that meets one morning per week. Children 2-3 year olds meet 2 mornings per week, 3-4 year olds meet 3 mornings per week, and 4-5 year olds meet 4 mornings per week.

How do I register myself and my child?

In the early Spring we have "in-house" registration for the following school year for the families currently enrolled in the program. In the late Spring we have "open" registration for families who would like to join PSF for the following school year. At that time we build the waiting list for the classes that are already full for the following school year. During the rest of the year you may call the school office and be placed on the waiting list but that list is only good for the current year. The best way to become part of PreSchool Family is to join a younger class (0-6 months, 6-12 months, or 12-18 months) which usually have openings or just a very short waiting list  or attend the Spring "open" registration.

What is tuition?

Tuition varies depending on the number of times the class meets a week. The tuition covers a 17 week semester and there are 2 semesters in a school year. Tuition is listed for each class here