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PSF is part of the PAUSD Adult School Parent Education Program. Therefore, the parent is our student and as such must make specific commitments to the program. Each parent commits to working one morning per week in the classroom. This participation enables parents to work with their children, learning together about developmental growth and effective techniques for teaching children. PSF utilizes a play-based curriculum, which encourages children to learn through play. Until age two, children attend one morning per week. Beginning in the Two year old class the children attend two mornings per week. In the Three year old class the children attend three mornings per week and in the Four year old class the children attend four mornings per week. Having parents in the classroom enables our experienced teaching staff to provide a rich and engaging experience for the children and the parents.

Evening parent education classes for adults only are held either two or three times a month. These teacher-led classes involve interactive discussion, information on developmental stages of growth and an opportunity to discuss any “burning issues” which parents need particular assistance in handling.

The experience of working in the classroom with other parents and meeting together in the evening classes to discuss parenting experiences — struggles and successes — fosters the formation of very strong friendships. The PreSchool Family community is a deeply rooted one, which transcends the preschool years.

Currently enrolled students register each spring for fall classes, before registration is opened to the public. After that, the registrar maintains wait lists for each class and fills openings as they arise during the year. Once a student is given a spot in the program, he or she is guaranteed a spot in an age appropriate class throughout the program (through age four).

Parent Participation Requirements

For each child enrolled, a parent must:


Open registration for parents not currently enrolled in PreSchool Family takes place in the spring preceding the academic year. Limited openings are available during the school year.

Tuition and Scholarships

Student tuition is used for materials, supplies, a portion of teacher salaries and maintenance of the PreSchool Family site. Tuition also pays for the cost of teacher-parent conferences and resource personnel at the school. A small amount of the student fee goes to Palo Alto Adult Education. Tuition is paid per seventeen-week semester. The school year consists of two semesters. Deposits and tuition are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to pay tuition by the posted deadlines.

Scholarships and payment schedules are available to families who have financial needs. Parents who need to pay tuition in installments should contact the Program Coordinator.

Scholarships usually cover about half of the cost of tuition but can vary according to specific circumstances. Families work for PreSchool Family on specific tasks and for a specific amount of time in exchange for the scholarship. To be eligible to apply for a scholarship, a student must have been at PreSchool Family for at least one semester.